Saturday, January 8, 2011

Why I'm Here

Hello everyone.

My name is Tony J. I've created this blog as a response to the anti-AA blog called 'stinkin-thinkin'.

The only purpose of it, is to direct you to another blog I'm active on that was designed to address stinkin-thinkin. This was necessary because the folks at stinkin-thinkin don't allow the free and open exchange of ideas. They pretend to be open to the truth but are actually members of what is becoming a quasi-cult on internet blog sites.

It's not that I have any opinions on outside issues as an AA member, it's just that I feel the 'real alcoholic' who is still suffering deserves the chance to recover and should not be sucked into a small, vocal minority of dissatisfied ex and anti-AA's who have made a religion out of hating AA.

In the end, of course, the choice is yours. Perhaps they have what you want and need. That's fine. If that's the case, by all means, follow them.

But if you decide you are at the end of your rope, don't be afraid to attend a few AA meetings and follow some of the basic suggestions you'll be offered.

The alternative blog to is here :

Warning, the above blog is by adults and for adults. It rated R and probably on the Howard Stern level of propriety. If this doesn't offend you and if you want to hear some honest answers to the rhetoric and petty gossip being spewed on ant-AA sites please stop by.

The decision you make is yours. You will live with the consequences. You owe it to yourself to learn as much as possible about alcoholism and treatment alternatives. Although we are at times crude and always direct, I believe we have alot of good information to counter the anti-AA propaganda machine.

Weather you chose to do AA or be an anti-AA or sit on the fence, please respect yourself enough to make an informed decision.

Thank You.

A quick comparison of the two groups :


AA has one primary purpose. We help each other recover from alcoholism. We get together informally and pass on wisdom and ideas that were passed on to us. We use The Twelve Steps as a program of recovery. It has provided many of us with a 'spiritual experience' powerful enough to change our perspective on drinking. If you think you have a problem with alcohol, you are welcome in AA.

Anti-AA has no real purpose other than being against AA. It is not a program of recovery. If you can't stop or moderate the anti-AA's have nothing to offer you. It is a place where you can go and feel superior to people who have severe drug, alcohol and mental problems and pat yourself on the back for not being 'one of those people'. If you happen to be 'one of those people' you'll do better in your local AA meeting.


AA believes that a real alcoholic will need to resign himself to abstinence. For some people it will never be possible to drink safely. This is supported by the medical community and by vast experience. AA is designed for people who don't have the ability to drink safely and yet can't muster the strength to abstain. AA offers these people a way of life where drinking is no longer necessary. No one ever died from not drinking and if you don't take the first drink you can't get drunk. Fair enough ?

Anti-AA thinks not. The anti-AA movement welcomes individuals who feel the need to frequent recovery blogs and brag of their drinking. This is America and we can all say what we like but it seems a person who is drinking in a safe and mature manner wouldn't feel the need to talk about it constantly.


AA meetings are autonomous. They are run by local group members. You are free to join a group at your leisure (you are a member when you say you are) and to take part in the groups business meetings. You will have a vote and may bring up any issues you are concerned with. If a group doesn't allow you a voice you should find another one who does. Groups ought to follow the Twelve Traditions and you are free to read them and act as a check to the group.

Anti-AA meets on various blogs. They are run by leaders who are trying to spread certain narratives by using rhetoric and propaganda. Their aim is not to help anyone. If you want to participate on their blogs you must spew the anti-AA rhetoric that the leaders demand. You may be welcome for a time if you are pro AA but only if they see you as an inferior that they can use to win other converts. Anti-AA is a dictatorship where AA is a democracy. (actually AA is anarchistic but why quibble ?)